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Apples in the Basket

A new collection of many of your most requested favorites including Apples in the Basket and Hills of Isle Au Haut. "Here is a trawl through some of the songs that have engaged my life these last few years. You'll notice a lot of textures here: these songs bring us some interesting lives and beliefs and perspectives, and I am grateful that they've come to inform my own."

"The album is yet another in Gordon Bok抯 long series of masterful recordings of traditional and folk songs and tunes and modern songs, almost all of which seem like they are traditional.
I could easily go on about every song on this album, about how Bok抯 baritone voice wraps itself beautifully around the lyrics and about how perfect his guitar arrangements are."
Mike Regenstreif, Sing Out! Magazine Fall 2005 Vol. 49 # 3

"Is each new Bok recording superior to earlier ones? Probably not, but they're certainly fresh, exciting, and totally absorbing."
Faith Petric, Folk-nik Newsletter August/September issue 2005

This album is out of print but is available digitally through your favorite digital outlet.   

Apples in the Basket
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What's included:

Apples in the Basket 
The Recruited Collier
Los Tres Panuelitos
The Maiden in Bird's Plumage
A Shearer's Lament/Waiting for the Rain
The Black Furrow

The Old Figurehead Carver 
Heading for Home
Mussels in the Corner
Bay Saint Mary/In the Cove
Tie Her Up  
Stone on Stone
The Hills of Isle Au Haut 

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This album is now out of print and is only available in digital format through your favorite digital outlet.

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