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Herrings in the Bay

Gordon's thoughtful tribute to the inshore fisheries of the British Isles, Australia and the Americas, offers different perspectives on the rugged lifestyle of the independent fishing industry. From the ever-charming 'Herring Croon' to 'One More Morning', Gordon's oratorio on a night of purse-seining, each song is given that special Bok treatment of caring and masterful musicianship. A special treat on this album is the music of talented songwriter Mary Garvey of the great Northwest, including the too-true humor of "Cannery Shed." Also featured are the fabulous harmonies of The January Men And Then Some, the lovely harp music of Carol Rohl and the mellifluous voices of the glorious Quasimodal Chorus.

This album is out of print but is available in digital format through your favorite digital outlet.

Herrings in the Bay
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What's included:

Herring Croon 
Little River
Astoria Bar
The Boats of Peter's River
O Vento
El Pescador
Jack Hinks
Oh, No More

Hush Song
Candlelight Fisherman  
Help Me To Raise 'Em
Round Our Skiff
Cannery Shed (Stella)
Trochus Boats
Where is the Light / Memory for Seal Island
One More Morning

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This album is now out of print and is only available in digital format through your favorite digital outlet.

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