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Bachelor's Song



I can't remember where I ran across this, but I have a note that says it was sung by John Nicholson, Jordan Mountain, near Sussex, NB, transcribed by Kenneth Peacock, October 1979.


All my sacred thoughts I will unfold to all young men are here

Young women they are good company to make the boys appear

Young women they are good company but I will wed with none

And if all young men were of my mind, the girls would walk alone


Oh if I were to marry a pretty girl, how happy I would be

And if I were to marry a grey old one, the boys would laugh at me

And if I were to marry a great big one she'd surely knock me down

And small women they are peevish?drink round, my boys, drink round


牋牋牋牋牋?Drink round, my boys, drink round ?until it comes to me

牋牋牋牋牋?For the longer that we drink and chat the merrier we'll be


Oh here's to the faggot-maker, he sits at home at ease

And he goes to work at six o'clock, knocks off whenever he please

And he takes his faggot and binds it and throws it on the ground

And he takes his twine and twines it; drink round my boys, drink round


I owe no debts,?I pay no rent, I have none to repine

I have no cradle for to rock, no babies for to mind

My parents dear they need not dear, for they are laid low down

And I mean to lead a single life; drink round, my boys, drink round


Oh, the girls they all do wink at me at every town and fair

But I never pay any mind to them as though they were not there*

I mean to lead a single life wherever I may roam

And there's none in life may kiss my wife when I am not at home


*this line obscured in original text



Bachelor's Song is recorded on the album Dear To Our Island