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Words: traditional Danish

Music and arrangement ?009 Gordon Bok


Gordon ?vocal and Viol da Gamba

Carol ?vocal


This song speaks from a time when we were much more closely connected to the other animals, who have been梐nd still are梠ur best teachers of the ways to live in this world.


The mother to her son did say

In the greenwood

The little hind thou shalt not slay

That bears the band of gold


You may slay the hart and shoot the doe

But the little hind thou must let go


Sir Peter rode in greenwood bound

And the little hind played before his hound


The little hind sported his feet before

And he thought on his mother抯 words no more


He spanned his crossbow with hand and knee

And he shot the hind beside a tree


His gloves from off his hands he drew

To flay* the hind without ado牋牋牋牋牋牋牋 *skin


Her neck he flayed and shining there

Was his sister抯 golden hair


He has found in her bosom cold

His little sister抯 rings of gold


In her side with sore affright

He has found her hands so white


His hunting-knife to the ground he threw

Now has my mother抯 tale come true!


Cold on the river falleth the rime*牋牋牋牋牋牋牋牋牋 * ice crystals

There抯 luck for the lad who can take it in time


Far the crane flieth up in the sky

Lucky the lad who from trouble can fly!



The Maiden Hind is recorded on the album Other Eyes